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Review from Garry Scott.

"30 East Drive, Pontefract - Monday 11th July 2022 A wonderful evening - Jayne was very welcoming from the first moment, welcoming people and putting them at their ease. The key to these nights is to expect nothing at all to happen - it's not like the Hollywood films, and spirits aren't performing monkeys - then, if you're lucky enough to have an experience, that's a bonus. The group had a fairly quiet night, given the reputation of the place, but there were enough little things like the light up balls going off and the meters responding to questioning to make it an interesting evening. We were with a great bunch of people, and the vibe was really friendly - and you were welcome to conduct your own experiments if you so wished. I spent an interesting half an hour in the "coal hole", which produced some intriguing effects including something grabbing at my legs, and we also had an incredible experience in the smallest bedroom - but most of all, I was impressed with the professionalism of the team. Jayne and Geoff were great hosts, serious enough but with a devilish streak of humour, and unlike some events I've witnessed where people are making loads of noise, trampling round the place kicking ten tons of dust up and then saying "ooh, look at all the orbs..." and putting suggestions into people's heads (ooh, can you see that black figure over in the corner) they were controlled enough to give any happenings a fighting chance, and honest enough when nothing happened to say fair enough, let's not make anything fit or try to pretend something's going on. Honest, reasonably priced and friendly, the event made for a great night's entertainment - if you've a passing interest in the unknown, one of Jayne's events would make a great change from sitting in front of the TV one night. And you never might capture a bit of evidence of something strange..."

— 13th July 2022

Review from Daniel Macdonald.

"Had an enjoyable first ghost Hunt with a very friendly bunch of people was made very welcome and although the activity was quieter than usual at East Drive it was a good experience and nice to stay at such a famous location"

— 12th July 2022

Review from Patricia Nield.

"Our first investigation with the team and it won’t be the last. The whole team are friendly and made you feel included with an unexpected array of refreshments provided. We had a great evening, lots planned and finally got a table tipping experience that we could not explain….great night, lovely people and a spooky location…..thank you and see you soon xx"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Malcolm Fairclough.

"Thanks for hosting a wonderful night. Good venue, great team 😀"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Sarah Ring O Bells, Warrington.

"Good night had, very interesting and cheap night not sceptical anymore xx"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Anonymous Ring O Bells, Warrington.

"Its been an excellent night. good hosts, good energy. I would recommend the company 👻👻👻👻"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Anonymous Ring O Bells, Warrington July.

"Very good experience, friendly atmosphere . Although I believed someone was forcing the table tipping and spoiling it all, the Ouija board was amazing. Love Jayne, Nicky and Geoff they are so kind, caring and funny. Great night all together 😊"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Des Ring O Bells, Warrington.

"It has been a really entertaining night and an excellent group of people. Even though I have been involved in the paranormal for many years it still entertained me very much and will be looking out for other events in the future. Thank you to your team for looking after us"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Debs Ring O Bells July.

"Excellent night, good to experience all the different kind of energies and unexplained activity. Would definitely be involved again"

— 3rd July 2022

Review from Jane Robinson.

"Just wanted to say thank you for an amazing Friday night (BLACKGATE PARANORMAL) enjoyed it from start to finish ! Such an abundant choice of snacks & drinks, so much to choose from ! The whole experience was very professional including all your organising and your all a truly lovely friendly bunch. Love Jane x"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Jennah Pawley.

"Me and my freinds did our 1st paranormal investigation last night at The Hive in Winsford wow what a great night, the team were fab and make us all so comfortable and safe during the investigation. We seen some real activity going on within the building some with no human explanation. I was poked in the back by what felt like two human fingers during the human pendulum which I was not the atchul pendulum the spirt chose to let me know it was there!! Spooky and brilliant night 👻👻"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Louise Whittaker.

"Wow, what an amazing night I’ve had at the Hive . Came in scared and left like I enjoyed it because I really did !. Was fantastic well done to the Team to led the investigation . I’ll be back in November for sure xx"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Lisa Lacking.

"Great night at The Hive Winsford for the paranormal evening. What an experience !!!!!. The team were a great bunch who made us feel comfortable and happy. I’m now looking forward to the next one. 👻"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Karla Mcdonagh.

"What a fantastic experience at the hive , the team made sure that everyone attending felt comfortable at at ease . I really can’t wait for the next location I go too. I will certainly sleep well tonight xxx"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Mel jayne Brownlee.

"Thank you for an absolute fab night at the Hive in Winsford. I loved every minute of it and the team were fantastic xxxx"

— 30th April 2022

Review from Holly Welch.

"Absolutely adore this group! Fab nights at 30 East Drive and Stanley Palace 👻 Can't wait to join them again. Can't recommend these guys enough. Shout-out to Nic, Jayne and Geoff! 👻"

— 27th March 2022

Review from Jean Hall.

"Stanley palace, 5th March 2022 . Great night as always, fantastic place and plenty happening"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Nelly X.

"Very entertaining night !,the hosts were great and managed to have lots of activity with the Ouija board. - Nelly"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Stacy Lloyd.

"Had a fab night at Stanley Palace. Thank you"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Donna Shepley.

"Stanley palace, 5th March 2022. Great night at Stanley Palace. Always wanted to visit. Amazing night on the Ouija board. Table tipping and lots more. So impressed with the hosts . Thanks for a fab night. Donna"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Anon Anon.

"Stanley palace, 5th March 2022. Once again a great experience from a great team. Thank you"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Anon Anon.

"Stanley palace, 5th March 2022, Brilliant night well looked after x"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Anon Anon.

"Stanley palace, 5th March 2022. Thank you for a fabulous informative evening, really enjoyed, great team A1"

— 6th March 2022

Review from Sarah Marie Dunne.

"I had the best night at East drive on Wednesday, absolutley reccomend the visit! Thank you to Nicky and Geoff for making it such a great experience. I'll definitely be going again 😱 looking forward to Chester in March 🖤"

— 5th February 2022

Review from Lee Johnson.

"30 east drive, February 22. Brilliant bunch of people, nice to work with, very polite and well worth the money"

— 4th February 2022

Review from Ian A.

"Brilliant night at East Drive. Nic and the team did a great job and made everyone feel welcome and relaxed. A very friendly and supportive group and I am looking forward to joining them again. I would give 6 stars but it only goes up to 5."

— 3rd February 2022

Review from Angela Gillott.

"Fantastic night with Fantastic people"

— 10th December 2021

Review from Jean Hall.

"Had a fantastic night with Blackgate Paranormal at Todmorden Unitarian Church, will definitely book for future events 😀"

— 6th December 2021

Review from Julie Adams.

"Huge shout out to Blackgate Paranormal for an amazing night 👻👻👻 Lots of activity witnessed and experienced! Can't wait for the next one Todmorden Unitarian Church December 4th 2021"

— 5th December 2021

Review from Jayne Blackgate.

"Summary from Todmorden Unitarian Church, November 2021 . The church was really cold which added to the atmosphere, by the time we all arrived it was very dark and the church was lit up in all its splendour, this gave a really haunting feeling of how the evening was to pan out. Hot drinks were a plenty and we all settled down and got to know everyone in their teams. The evening started with brief health and safety and introductory presentation including equipment and we commenced with a seance in the main church which seemed slow to start with but set the scene for what was to become later in the evening. The team were split into three each with a team member. We utilised the main church, the bell tower and the cellar. We also had lock off cameras to capture any anomalies both visual and audible. The teams experienced a lot of awesome table tipping experiences some time quite vigorous, cat balls activating and tapping on tables triggering the vibration sensors and we had some clear information from the Ouija board situated in the bell tower. Then it was break time with some beautiful spicy carrot soup to warm us up, crusty bread and sausage rolls and to discuss what our findings and to try and her warm Free time, some guests utilised the grave yard , some went back to the bell tower and cellars Overall what a fabulous night, with happy guests and can’t wait for the next one See you there Love the Team ❤️"

— 22nd November 2021

Review from T R.

"Really genuine group, loved the night and the experience. Some scary moments but what an experience.Great to chat to like minded people, Late night out with a difference !"

— 2nd September 2021

Review from Lisa R.

"Choice of equipment was great. It was easy to engage with such a lovely group. I felt strangely drawn to certain areas and experiences were felt, i had sensations on my arms and heard noises at Antwerp Mansion. The names Beverley, George and Clive was felt. To Sum up ... great night, great people"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Peter H.

"Interactive and informative guides with a lot of experience, I felt temp changes lots of Ouija activity. I felt very comfortable and safe at all times. Deffo come back"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Dave P.

"Loved the fact we were in smaller groups, this was more personal and we were all able to get to use the equipment. Good snacks. i heard footsteps on the stairs which was eerie and a great experience on the Ouija board. everything was Spot on !!"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Sue Fitzgerald.

"It was great. Enjoyed the table tipping and the calling out with the white noise machine. I did feel the temp change and someone had their hair flicked. The table moved a lot when table tipping. The team were very helpful. A fab night. Thanks and will deffo be back for more"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Deborah W.

"Watching the table move and twist was my highlight, that was pretty scary, I did feel cold at times. All of the team were great and friendly"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Amy H.

"I did sense someone was with me which was strange. Very friendly staff and very well equipped. I will be back"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Susan H.

"The evening was really well organised and i felt very safe. The team were very professional and talked you through every steps explaining what they were doing and why. They had lots of equipment for use to use as well"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Lisa B.

"Loved it, enjoyed the table tipping mostly and I will be back"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Elaine C.

"Thoroughly enjoyable evening with a difference, great team, great venue, plentiful food and refreshments and I would highly recommend. I witnessed the table tipping and lifting with plenty of spooky moments. I am so looking forward to my next experience"

— 24th August 2021

Review from Emma R.

"The evening was very well organised and everyone was very friendly, I was made to feel very welcome and the food was lovely. I did experience some temperature change and did feel as if their was a presence especially doing the Ouija board and the table tipping was such a surreal experience, I also saw orbs around the table when this was being filmed The team: no pressure was placed on us to shout out , i loved the experience and was skeptical at first being my first time, but not anymore I would defiantly do this again ."

— 24th August 2021

Review from Michelle Chapman.

""Thanks for an awesome evening, I was very reluctant to come on my own but your team made me feel very welcome and included., loved the chats with people and finding out about experiences. I shall book again…. Cheers ❤️""

— 21st August 2021

Review from Michelle Chapman.

"Thanks for an awesome evening, I was very reluctant to come on my own but your team made me feel very welcome and included., loved the chats with people and finding out about experiences. I shall book again…. Cheers ❤️"

— 21st August 2021

Review from Anna Rigby.

"Thank you to Nicki and her team had an amazing night with lots of activity in Antwerp house. Would definitely recommend it to anyone such an amazing experience."

— 20th August 2021

Review from Julie C.

"What can I say ….. awesome evening. The team were great and had loads of equipment for us to use. We did table tipping, spent time on the board and did a seance. I will book again thank you"

— 18th August 2021

Review from Michael Auerbach.

"Thank You Blackgate for an awesome experience at Antwerp Mansion! I must say how well organised and friendly it was and amazed at the equipment that was used. I have never done this before but felt safe throughout the night. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a brilliant experience and look forward to doing this again soon. Thank you once more and hope to book again at another venue!"

— 17th August 2021

Review from cathy cookson.

"We had a fantastic night and were made to feel so welcome. Brilliant value for money and will definitely be back. Thanks guys."

— 17th August 2021
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